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Baumeister, Rüdiger; Frick, A.; Hofmann, T. und Tatsch, Klaus (1991): 10 years of experience with autogenous microsurgical lymphvessel-transplantation. 10 annees d' experience de la transplantation microchirurgicale de vaisseaux lymphatiques autologues. In: European Journal of Lymphology, Vol. 2, Nr. 6: S. 62-67


The authors report their experience with the autogenous microsurgical lymphvessel transplantation for the treatment of upper (n = 60, 55 females and 5 males) and lower (n = 35, 10 females and 25 males, primary lyphredemas = 11, secondary lymphredemas = 24) limb edemas. Regarding the volume measurements before and after lymphvessel - transplantation in 58 patients there was a reduction of volume differences between healthy and affected arms of more than the half in 76 % of the patients after a mean follow-up period of 2 1/2 years. In 28 patients with unilateral redemas of the lower extremities the volume reduction after a mean follow-up period of I 1/2 year compared to the healthy legs was more than 50 % in 20 patients. As complications in the early period 2 postoperative erysipelas were seen. One patient developed a Iymph cyst in the groin and one patient had a postthrombotic lower leg rederna. The authors conclude that lymphvessel transplantations therefore seem to be a method to enhance significantly the lymphatic transport if by conservation me ans alone no long term success is seen.