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Boswell, Andrew P.; Eley, Crispin G. S.; Moore, Geoffrey R.; Robinson, Martin N.; Williams, Glyn; Williams, Robert J. P.; Neupert, Walter; Hennig, Bernd (May 1982): H NMR Studies of Eukaryotic Cytochrome c. In: European Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 124, No. 2: pp. 289-294


H NMR resonance assignments in the spectra of horse, tuna, Neurmpora crassa and Candida krusei cyto-chromes c are described. Assignments have been made using NMR double-resonance techniques in conjunction with electron-exchange experiments, spectral comparison of related proteins, and consideration of the X-ray structure of tuna cytochrome c. Resonances arising from 11 residues of horse cytochrome c have been assigned.