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Krause, Klaus-Henning; Berlit, Peter; Schmidt-Gayk, Heinrich und Schellenberg, Bernhard (September 1987): Antiepileptic drugs reduce serum uric acid. In: Epilepsy Research, Vol. 1, Nr. 5: S. 306-307


Uric acid examination in 554 epileptic out-patients under long-term anticonvulsant medication revealed significantly lower serum concentrations compared to a group of normal controls. In patients taking enzyme-inducing drugs, uric acid levels were found to be lower than in those under valproate sodium. In addition, uric acid concentrations showed a negative correlation with duration of therapy in epileptic males. At this time, we can only speculate on the mechanism involved in the reduction of uric acid by enzyme-inducing anticonvulsants as well as on the possible implication of this finding in the treatment of hyperuricemia.