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Zwizinski, Craig; Schleyer, Manfred; Neupert, Walter (25. June 1984): Proteinaceous receptors for the import of mitochondrial precursor proteins. In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 259, No. 12: pp. 7850-7856


Mild trypsin treatment of isolated Neurospora mitochondria strongly inhibits their ability to bind and import the precursors of several mitochondrial proteins. Evidence is presented for two proteins, the ADP/ATP carrier and the mitochondrial porin, that specific binding of the precursors to the outer surface of the mitochondria is affected by the protease treatment. We suggest that the receptors that mediate the import of these two precursors are proteinaceous. Treatment of mitochondria with elastase also inhibits the binding and import of the ADP/ATP carrier and the porin. In contrast the import of the precursors of subunits 2 and 9 of the mitochondrial proton-translocating ATPase was unaffected by elastase treatment at the concentrations used. We suggest that the import pathways of the latter two proteins are distinct from those of the ADP/ATP carrier and the porin.