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Söllner, Thomas; Pfanner, Nikolaus; Neupert, Walter (29. Februar 1988): Mitochondrial protein import. Differential recognition of various transport intermediates by antibodies. In: FEBS Letters, Vol. 229, Nr. 1: S. 25-29


The precursors of the mitochondrial proteins ADP/ATP carrier (AAC) and F1-ATPase subunit β (F1β) were accumulated at the stages of binding to receptor sites on the mitochondrial outer membrane, or in contact sites between outer and inner membranes. Specific antibodies raised against the mature proteins were added to the isolated mitochondria and efficiently bound to these translocation intermediates. Further movement of the precursors to consecutive steps along their import pathway was thereby inhibited. Controls showed that precursor proteins which were inserted into or translocated across the outer membrane were not recognized by the antibodies unless the mitochondrial membranes were disrupted. We conclude that the trapped translocation intermediates have antigenic sites exposed to the outside of the outer membrane.