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Williams, M. B. (1963): The Banff Jasper Highway. 2nd. Saskatoon, Sask: H. R. Larson Publishing Co..
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The Banff-Jasper highway, winding along the base of mountains whose summits cling to the remnants of the Ice Age, is without doubt one of the most scenic drives, if not the most scenic, in the world. The grandeur of scenery and the panorama of glittering snow-capped towering mountains is a sight to behold—a veritable Avenue of Giants. All of the spectacular and outstanding scenic spots along the way are described in detail in Miss Williams’s book, “The Banff-Jasper Highway”, as are The Building of the Mountains, The Native Tribes and Pathfinders. (Text from the book’s introduction) This 1963 edition of M. B. Wiliams’s 1948 book is a close replica of her 1920s guides to the highways and trails of the national parks of Canada.