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Söllner, Thomas; Griffiths, Gareth; Pfanner, Nikolaus und Neupert, Walter (13. Juli 1990): A mitochondrial import receptor for the ADP/ATP carrier. In: Cell, Vol. 62, Nr. 1: S. 107-115


We have identified a mitochondrial outer membrane protein of 72 kd (MOM72) that exhibits the properties of an import receptor for the ADP/ATP carrier (AAC), the most abundant mitochondrial protein. Monospecific antibodies and Fab fragments against MOM72 selectively inhibit import of AAC at the level of specific binding to the mitochondria. AAC bound to the mitochondrial surface is coprecipitated with antibodies against MOM72 after lysis of mitochondria with detergent. MOM72 thus has a complementary function to that of MOM19, which acts as an import receptor for the majority of mitochondrial proteins studied so far but not for the AAC. The import pathway of the precursor of MOM72 appears to involve MOM19 as receptor.