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Wöckel, W.; Eckert, J.; Löscher, Thomas; Häussinger, K.; Morresi, A. (1993): Autochthonous European dirofilariasis of the lung. In: Pneumologie, Vol. 47, No. 3: pp. 227-231


Two intrapulmonary round nodules were identified by x-ray examination in a 45-year old German woman during an examination conducted before her employment who had been complaining of pain in the right side of the thorax and of mild coughing irritation and tiredness for several months prior to the health check. Since the intraoperative frozen section did not show any malignancy, and atypical resection of the two involved segments was performed. Histological processing of the surgical specimens showed two spherical ischemic necroses surrounded by a connective tissue border with inflammatory infiltration. In the centre of the larger of the two necrotic lesions a parasite was seen intravascularly, which because of morphological and serological findings, was identified as a Dirofilaria. It must be assumed that the infection of this patient occurred during a stay in Corsica where these nematodes are endemic in several mammal hosts. The patient was therefore suffering from an autochthonous European dirofilariasis of the lung. Only two cases of this infection acquired in Europe have been reported so far.