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Moczko, Martin; Dietmeier, Klaus A.; Söllner, Thomas; Segui-Real, Bartolome; Steger, Heinrich F.; Neupert, Walter; Pfanner, Nikolaus (5. October 1992): Identification of the mitochondrial receptor complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In: FEBS Letters, Vol. 310, No. 3: pp. 265-268


Mitochondrial protein import involves the recognition of preproteins by receptors and their subsequent translocation across the outer membrane. In Neurospora crassa, the two import receptors, MOM19 and MOM72, were found in a complex with the general insertion protein, GIP (formed by MOM7, MOM8, MOM30 and MOM38) and MOM22. We isolated a complex out of S. cerevisiae mitochondria consisting of MOM38/ISP42, the receptor MOM72, and five new yeast proteins, the putative equivalents of N. crassa MOM7, MOM8, MOM19, MOM22 and MOM30. A receptor complex isolated out of yeast cells transformed with N. crassa MOM19 contained the N. crassa master receptor in addition to the yeast proteins. This demonstrates that the yeast complex is functional, and provides strong evidence that we also have identified the yeast MOM19.