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Ihler, Friedrich; Stoycheva, Ivelina; Spiegel, Jennifer L.; Polterauer, Daniel; Müller, Joachim; Strobl, Ralf and Grill, Eva (2021): Diagnosis of Menière's disease according to the criteria of 2015: Characteristics and challenges in 96 patients. In: Journal of Vestibular Research

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BACKGROUND The diagnosis of Menière's disease (MD) is made according to diagnostic criteria, the last revision of which was in 2015. For diagnosis, symptoms are weighted with audiometric findings and this can be challenging in individual patients. OBJECTIVE To analyze patient's characteristics and symptoms in a real-life cohort of 96 patients with diagnosed MD regarding sociodemographic parameters, clinical specifics, and audiometry. METHODS Prospective clinical patient registry containing demographic and socioeconomic parameters, symptoms, as well as pure-tone audiometry data. RESULTS 31 patients with definite MD, and 36 with probable MD were identified. 29 patients showed typical clinical signs of MD, but did not meet the full diagnostic criteria, and were considered separately. Mean duration of symptoms prior to presentation was 3.9±4.6 years. Significant differences between categories were found regarding aural fullness, tinnitus, and fluctuating hearing. If multiple audiograms were available, 28.6 %(6/21) documented fluctuating hearing. CONCLUSIONS Current diagnostic criteria probably do not represent patients with monosymptomatic presentation or an early stage very well. Long-term follow-up with repeated audiometry is advisable.

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