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Wolfenden, Luke; Movsisyan, Ani; McCrabb, Sam; Stratil, Jan M.; Yoong, Sze Lin (2021): Selecting Review Outcomes for Systematic Reviews of Public Health Interventions. In: American Journal of Public Health (AJPH), Vol. 111, No. 3: pp. 465-470
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


For systematic reviews to have an impact on public health, they must report outcomes that are important for decision-making. Systematic reviews of public health interventions, however, have a range of potential end users, and identifying and prioritizing the most important and relevant outcomes represents a considerable challenge.In this commentary, we describe potentially useful approaches that systematic review teams can use to identify review outcomes to best inform public health decision-making. Specifically, we discuss the importance of stakeholder engagement, the use of logic models, consideration of core outcome sets, reviews of the literature on end users' needs and preferences, and the use of decision-making frameworks in the selection and prioritization of outcomes included in reviews.The selection of review outcomes is a critical step in the production of public health reviews that are relevant to those who use them. Utilizing the suggested strategies may help the review teams better achieve this.