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Löscher, Thomas; Nothdurft, H. D.; Prüfer, L.; Sonnenburg, F. von und Lang, W. (1981): Praziquantel in clonorchiasis and opisthorchiasis. In: Tropenmedizin und Parasitologie, Vol. 32, Nr. 4: S. 234-236


A single stool examination revealed pathogenic intestinal parasites in 462 (58%) of 796 vietnamese and cambodian refugees. 56 (7.0%) were infected with Clonorchis sinensis and/or Opisthorchis viverrini. These patients received Praziquantel in a dosage of 20 mg/kg bwt. p.day on 3 consecutive days. Parasitological controls were completed after 12 months. No further excretion of eggs could be detected in 88% of the patients. Concurrent infections with other trematodes and cestodes were also cured. Nematode infections remained uninfluenced. No change of haematological and biochemical parameters could be observed during therapy. Diarrhea and epigastric pain were common side effects, which are probably not effects of the drug itself. They rather seem to be due to the release of parasitic antigens. This is also indicated by a further increase of circulating Ig E after therapy.