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Scriba, Peter Christian; Kröger, H. und Holzer, H. (1961): Wirkung carcinostatischer äthylenimin-verbindungen auf den DPN-gehalt therapieresistener tumoren. In: Biochemical Pharmacology, Vol. 7, Nr. 1: S. 1-6


Preliminary experiments with the ascites form of the relatively therapeutic-resistant DS-tumour demonstrated that the decrease in DPN content and the inhibition of glycolysis in the neoplastic cells under the influence of ethylenimine compounds were delayed, in comparison with the rapid changes observed in Ehrlich-ascites carcinomas. Extending these observations, the therapeutic effect of carcinostatic ethylenimine compounds was studied in rats bearing solid forms of either the Jensen sarcoma or the therapeutic-resistant DS-tumour. During the course of the experiments the DPN content of the tumours was followed. In the Jensen sarcoma the DPN content decreased sharply as early as the first day following administration of the carcinostatic, while the DS-tumour, in contrast, showed no clear change during the first six days. A cure was obtained in nine out of thirteen cases of the Jensen-sarcoma rats, while no cure was observed in six DS-tumour-bearing rats. These experiments further support our hypothesis, that carcinostatic ethylenimine compounds are therapeutically effective though they depress the DPN content in the tumour.