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Stuart, Rosemary A.; Cyr, Douglas M.; Craig, Elisabeth A. und Neupert, Walter (Februar 1994): Mitochondrial molecular chaperones. Their role in protein translocation. In: Trends in Biochemical Sciences, Vol. 19, Nr. 2: S. 87-92


After synthesis in the cytosol, most mitochondrial proteins must traverse mitochondrial membranes to reach their functional location. During this process, proteins become unfolded and then refold to attain their native conformation after crossing the lipid bilayers. Mitochondrial molecular chaperones play an essential mechanistic role at various steps of this process. They facilitate presequence translocation, unfolding of the cytosol-localized domains of precursor proteins, movement across the mitochondrial membranes and, finally, folding of newly imported proteins within the matrix.