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Prestar, F.-J.; Frick, H.; Putz, Reinhard (1985): Bandverbindungen der Dornfortsätze der Wirbelsäule. In: Anatomischer Anzeiger, Vol. 159: pp. 259-268


In the cervical region the fibres of the interspinous and nuchal ligaments pass in an anteroc ranial direction: they act against diminishing of the cervical lordosis. In the thoracic region, longitudinal bundles of fibres connect the tops of the spinous processes; they act against an augmentation of the thoracal kyphosis. Between thoracal kyphosis and lumbal lordosis there is no exact course of the fibres of the interspinous ligts. ("thorakolumbaler "Übergangsbereich"). In the lumbar spine the fibres of the interspinous ligts., being very strong, pass in a posterocranial direction. They have the function of limitation the range of flexion ventrally and of limiting backwards - shifting of the cranial vertebra in dorsal-flexion. In the lumbosacral segment additional fibres, arising from the top of the 5th lumbar spinous process, pass in a posterocaudal direction and interlace with the thoracolumbar fascia , whose fibres form — below the 4 th lumbarvertebra — ascissor - latticed structure. The supraspinous ligt. lies superficially to the thoracolumbar fascia. Its fibres pass several spinous processes. I t ends caudally at the 4th lumbar spinous process.