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Müller-Gerbl, Magdalena; Putz, Reinhard; Hodapp, Norbert; Schulte, Erik; Wimmer, Berthold (November 1990): Computed tomography-osteoaboorptiometry. A method of assessing the mechanical condition of the major joints in a living subject. In: Clinical Biomechanics, Vol. 5, No. 4: pp. 193-198


A method of making a visual display of subchondral mineralization in the major synovial joints is described. Unlike existing procedures, it can be used on the living subject. A modified application of computed tomography-densitometry, computed tomography-osteoabsorptiometry makes it possible to explore the mechanical adaptability to the prevailing mechanical force. This claim is based upon the comparison of information obtained from 20 anatomical specimens with CT-osteoabsorptiometry and x-ray densitometry of sections; both methods yielding virtually identical results. The distribution of the subchondral density was then expressed as a map of the articular surface with the aid of an image analyser. This method can make a useful contribution to basic clinical research, as well as providing a diagnostic technique which can also be used for observing progress after a corrective osteotomy or any other procedure causing a change in mechanical function. Examples of its use on living patients are given.