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Gallan, Andrew S.; McColl-Kennedy, Janet R.; Barakshina, Tatiana; Figueiredo, Bernardo; Jefferies, Josephine Go; Gollnhofer, Johanna; Hibbert, Sally; Luca, Nadina; Roy, Sanjit; Spanjol, Jelena and Winklhofer, Heidi (2019): Transforming community well-being through patients' lived experiences. In: Journal of Business Research, Vol. 100: pp. 376-391

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The purpose of this article is to (1) explicate micro-to-meso linkages of well-being, (2) provide a theoretical framework to guide research on connecting patient experiences to community well-being, and (3) offer guidelines to policymakers. We develop a conceptual framework establishing connections between micro and meso levels through the expansion of patients' lived ecosystems. We introduce the concept of patient ecosystem management (PEM), an organizational process that focuses on treating patients differently in terms of assessing, managing, and expanding resources to achieve patient health and well-being goals. This process establishes a foundational perspective that is necessary to connect patients' ecosystems and to facilitate community well-being. Theoretically, this research creates ties between micro-level interactions and a collective measure (community well-being). Policymakers and healthcare professionals should take a PEM perspective, which will require new roles and behaviors, and leverage technology to expand and overlap patients' individual service ecosystems (intra-alignment), thus enlarging community well-being (inter-alignment).

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