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Gaucher, Jonathan; Kinouchi, Kenichiro; Ceglia, Nicholas; Montellier, Emilie; Peleg, Shahaf; Greco, Carolina Magdalen; Schmidt, Andreas; Forne, Ignasi; Masri, Selma; Baldi, Pierre; Imhof, Axel and Sassone-Corsi, Paolo (2019): Distinct metabolic adaptation of liver circadian pathways to acute and chronic patterns of alcohol intake. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 116, No. 50: pp. 25250-25259

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Binge drinking and chronic exposure to ethanol contribute to alcoholic liver diseases (ALDs). A potential link between ALDs and circadian disruption has been observed, though how different patterns of alcohol consumption differentially impact hepatic circadian metabolism remains virtually unexplored. Using acute versus chronic ethanol feeding, we reveal differential reprogramming of the circadian transcriptome in the liver. Specifically, rewiring of diurnal SREBP transcriptional pathway leads to distinct hepatic signatures in acetyl-CoA metabolism that are translated into the subcellular patterns of protein acetylation. Thus, distinct drinking patterns of alcohol dictate differential adaptation of hepatic circadian metabolism.

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