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Volleth, Marianne; Müller, Stefan; Khan, Faisal A. Anwarali; Yong, Hoi-Sen; Heller, Klaus-Gerhard; Baker, Robert J.; Ray, David A. and Sotero-Caio, Cibele G. (2019): Cytogenetic investigations in Emballonuroidea. I. Taphozoinae and Emballonurinae karyotypes evolve at different rates and share no derived chromosomal characters. In: Acta Chiropterologica, Vol. 21, No. 2: pp. 257-269

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We present a comparative molecular cytogenetic investigation of six emballonurid species using chromosome banding and crossspecies chromosome painting with probes from Myotis myotis, supplemented by selected probes from human, tree shrew, and lemur. The main differences between the 2n = 42 Taphozous karyotype and the 2n = 44 chromosomal complement of Saccolaimus can be explained by one Robertsonian fusion, one type-b, and one type-c whole arm reciprocal translocation. The 2n = 24 karyotype of Emballonura is highly derived by splitting of 11 of the 25 chiropteran evolutionarily conserved units resulting in a total number of 36 segments. In contrast to the presence of several autapomorphies in the karyotypes of studied species from both subfamilies, no cytogenetic synapomorphy uniting Taphozoinae and Emballonurinae was found.

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