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Ilie, Nicoleta; Ruse, N. Dorin (2019): Shear bond strength vs interfacial fracture toughness - Adherence to CAD/CAM blocks. In: Dental Materials, Vol. 35, No. 12: pp. 1769-1775
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Objective. To compare shear bond strength (SBS) and interfacial fracture toughness (IKic) results when assessing the effect of surface roughness and thermocycling on the adherence of a resin composite luting agent (RCLA) to a CAD/CAM resin composite block (RCB). Methods. Tetric CAD HT along with the recommended bonding system, Adhese Universal and Variolink Esthetic LC, were used. Surface roughness was achieved with 600/320/60 grit SiC papers. Samples were stored 24 h in 37 degrees C water or thermocycled 10000x (5 degrees C-55 degrees C) prior to testing. Results were analyzed by univariate ANOVA and Scheffe modified t-tests (alpha = 0.05). Fractured specimens were viewed with a stereo microscope and selected specimens with a scanning electron microscope. Results. SBS results showed a significant difference between the 60 grit group and the other groups, both after 24 h and thermocycling. A large number of SBS samples showed cohesive fracture or subsurface damage in RCB. Thermocycling led to a significant decrease in SBS in all groups. IKIC results showed no significant differences due to surface preparation after 24 h storage in 37 degrees C. After thermocycling, there was a significant difference between the 60 and the 600 grit groups. All K-IC samples fractured adhesively at the RCB surface. K-IC of the RCLA was significantly higher than IKIC of all groups. Significance. The results endorse the use of fracture mechanics methodology for the assessment and characterization of adherence, while identifying difficulties in its implementation. The results suggest also that adherence to CAD/CAM RCB may be limited by the strength of the resin composite block - adhesive interface. (C) 2019 The Academy of Dental Materials. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.