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Illner, Wolf-Dieter; Abendroth, D.; Nusser, J.; Landgraf, R.; Land, Walter (August 1991): Long-term results in pancreatic transplantation with special emphasis on the use of prolamine. In: Diabetologia, Vol. 34, No. Supple: pp. 14-15


Our pancreatic transplantation programme was initiated in 1979. Since then a total of 102 pancreas transplantations have been performed, blocking exocrine secretion using the duct occlusion technique with prolamine. Early non-immunological complications are frequent. The long-term results (9 years) in combined pancreas and kidney transplanted patients are satisfying: the survival rate for pancreas is 38% and 54% for kidney. Patient survival rate in this period is 85%. Beyond the first year post-transplant the exocrine activity disappears whereas the endocrine function remains well preserved.