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Moll, Kristina; Gangl, Melanie; Banfi, Chiara; Schulte-Korne, Gerd and Landerl, Karin (2019): Stability of Deficits in Reading Fluency and/or Spelling. In: Scientific Studies of Reading, Vol. 24, No. 3: pp. 241-251

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Deficits in reading fluency and in spelling can dissociate during development, resulting in groups with reading deficit only (RD), spelling deficit only (SD) and combined reading and spelling deficit (RSD). The current study investigated the one-to-two-year longitudinal stability of these subgroups in 167 German-speaking children. Reading fluency deficits (irrespective of spelling skills) were stable over time, while spelling deficits were stable in the RSD-group but not in the SD-group. Lower stability in the SD-group resulted from the fact that many children improved their spelling skills over time. Improvement in spelling was associated with good performance in phoneme awareness together with intact RAN and decoding skills.

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