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Eckstein, Felix; Müller-Gerbl, Magdalena und Putz, Reinhard (September 1994): Distribution of Degenerative Changes of the Human Patella in Relation to the Individual Subchondral Mineralisation. In: Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und ihre Grenzgebiete, Vol. 132, Nr. 5: S. 405-411


According to Pauwels and Kummer the distribution of the subchondral mineralisation can be taken as a measure of the long-term mechanical loading in the joints. Based on a previous study concerning the density distribution of the subchondral bone of the human patella, these results were compared in the following paper with the macroscopically visible cartilage lesions. Degenerative changes on the lateral facet of the patella coincide with regions of high bone mineralisation, those on the “odd facet” on the other hand with areas of low subchondral density. The cartilage lesions on the lateral facet are seen as being due to high and constant mechanical stress, those on the “odd facet” to short infrequent stress-peaks.