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Edelhoff, Daniel; Stimmelmayr, Michael; Schweiger, Josef; Ahlers, M. Oliver; Gueth, Jan-Frederik (2019): Advances in materials and concepts in fixed prosthodontics: a selection of possible treatment modalities. In: British Dental Journal, Vol. 226, No. 10: pp. 739-748
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The introduction of adhesive techniques in combination with translucent restorative materials has greatly influenced treatment concepts in fixed prosthodontics. Modern production technologies offer access to new polymer materials that provide innovative pre-treatment options for complex prosthetic rehabilitations. Additionally, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) provides access to new ceramic types and thus extends the range of indications for metal-free restorative options. With these developments, important changes of treatment concepts in fixed prosthodontics have occurred which affect the professional life of dental practitioners with a focus on prosthetic dentistry. This article gives an overview of the advances in selected fields of fixed prosthodontics and provides support in material selection for different kinds of indications, from single-tooth restorations to fixed dental prostheses.