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Liebermann, Anja; Pache, Christoph; Schweiger, Josef; Stawarczyk, Bogna; Huth, Karin C. (2019): Digital workflow with innovative Denacam-3D real-time navigation system for implantation and prosthetic restoration of a single-tooth implant A case report. In: Implantologie, Vol. 27, No. 3: pp. 221-231
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Preoperative planning of the implant position simplifies both the implantation itself and its prosthetic restoration. Various planning options are available - from freehand implantation with or without prior planning using panoramic view and positioning splint to fully navigated static drilling templates. There are also computer-aided dynamic navigation systems, which, like the fully navigated drilling templates, are based on a three-dimensional data set. A new dynamic real-time navigation system (Denacam System, mininavident AG) has been on the market since 2018. In order to coordinate the patient position with the planned implant position and the real-time position of the implant drill during the drilling process, a small, intraoral, prefabricated ceramic marker is used. During implant drilling, the dentist sees the drill position on a screen in a three-dimensional data set (sagittal and transversal sectional view) together with the planning and a target graphic (deviation in angle, depth and entry point). The following patient case describes a digital workflow for single-tooth gap restoration using the Denacam implantation system and prosthetic restoration.