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Kleer, N.; Julmi, S.; Gartzke, A. -K.; Augustin, J.; Feichtner, F.; Waselau, A. -C.; Klose, C.; Maier, H. J.; Wriggers, P. and Meyer-Lindenberg, A. (2019): Comparison of degradation behaviour and osseointegration of the two magnesium scaffolds, LAE442 and La2, in vivo. In: Materialia, Vol. 8, UNSP 100436

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Porous magnesium implants have been investigated for some time for their orthopaedic applicability as resorbable bone substitutes. The objective of this study was to evaluate the in vivo degradation behaviour and osseointegration of open-pored scaffolds made of the two magnesium alloys, LAE442 (n= 40) and Mg-La2 (n= 40). Cylindrical magnesium scaffolds (diameter 4 mm, length 5 mm) with defined interconnecting pore structure were produced by investment casting and coated with MgF2. Commercially available porous beta-tricalcium phosphate scaffolds (TCP, n= 40) of the same dimensions served as control. The scaffolds were inserted in the cancellous part of the greater trochanter of both femurs in rabbits and evaluated over a period of 36 weeks using regular clinical, radiological and in vivo mu CT examinations. No clinical adverse reactions were observed in any of the scaffolds. The X-ray and mu CT image evaluation of La2 showed fast and inhomogeneous degradation behaviour with increased gas formation and a rapid loss of scaffold structure and shape from week 12 on. In comparison, the LAE442 scaffolds showed a slow, homogeneous degradation with low but continuous gas production over the entire study period. Furthermore, LAE442 scaffolds showed comparatively better osseointegration with more trabecular contacts than La2 scaffolds and retained their original scaffold structure. Although the TCP control group demonstrated the best osseointegration, it showed overly-rapid degradation. Based on the results of this study, the LAE422 scaffolds have promising properties for further investigations in weight-bearing bone defects.

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