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Fox, Philip R.; Keene, Bruce W.; Lamb, Kenneth; Schober, Karsten E.; Chetboul, Valerie; Fuentes, Virginia Luis; Payne, Jessie Rose; Wess, Gerhard; Hogan, Daniel F.; Abbott, Jonathan A.; Haeggstroem, Jens; Culshaw, Geoffrey; Fine-Ferreira, Deborah; Cote, Etienne; Trehiou-Sechi, Emilie; Motsinger-Reif, Alison A.; Nakamura, Reid K.; Singh, Manreet; Ware, Wendy A.; Riesen, Sabine C.; Borgarelli, Michele; Rush, John E.; Vollmar, Andrea; Lesser, Michael B.; Van Israel, Nicole; Lee, Pamela Ming-Show; Bulmer, Barret; Santilli, Roberto; Bossbaly, Maribeth J.; Quick, Nadine; Bussadori, Claudio; Bright, Janice; Estrada, Amara H.; Ohad, Dan G.; del Palacio, Maria Josefa Fernandez; Brayley, Jennifer Lunney; Schwartz, Denise S.; Gordon, Sonya G.; Jung, SeungWoo; Bove, Christina M.; Brambilla, Paola G.; Moise, N. Sydney; Stauthammer, Christopher; Quintavalla, Cecilia; Manczur, Ferenc; Stepien, Rebecca L.; Mooney, Carmel; Hung, Yong-Wei; Lobetti, Remo; Tamborini, Alice; Oyama, Mark A.; Komolov, Andrey; Fujii, Yoko; Pariaut, Romain; Uechi, Masami and Ohara, Victoria Yukie Tachika (2019): Long-term incidence and risk of noncardiovascular and all-cause mortality in apparently healthy cats and cats with preclinical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In: Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Vol. 33, No. 6: pp. 2572-2586

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Background Epidemiologic knowledge regarding noncardiovascular and all-cause mortality in apparently healthy cats (AH) and cats with preclinical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (pHCM) is limited, hindering development of evidence-based healthcare guidelines. Objectives To characterize/compare incidence rates, risk, and survival associated with noncardiovascular and all-cause mortality in AH and pHCM cats. Animals A total of 1730 client-owned cats (722 AH, 1008 pHCM) from 21 countries. Methods Retrospective, multicenter, longitudinal, cohort study. Long-term health data were extracted by medical record review and owner/referring veterinarian interviews. Results Noncardiovascular death occurred in 534 (30.9%) of 1730 cats observed up to 15.2 years. Proportion of noncardiovascular death did not differ significantly between cats that at study enrollment were AH or had pHCM (P = .48). Cancer, chronic kidney disease, and conditions characterized by chronic weight-loss-vomiting-diarrhea-anorexia were the most frequently recorded noncardiovascular causes of death. Incidence rates/risk of noncardiac death increased with age in AH and pHCM. All-cause death proportions were greater in pHCM than AH (65% versus 40%, respectively;P < .001) because of higher cardiovascular mortality in pHCM cats. Comparing AH with pHCM, median survival (study entry to noncardiovascular death) did not differ (AH, 9.8 years;pHCM, 8.6 years;P = .10), but all-cause survival was significantly shorter in pHCM (P = .0001). Conclusions and Clinical Importance All-cause mortality was significantly greater in pHCM cats due to disease burden contributed by increased cardiovascular death superimposed upon noncardiovascular death.

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