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Hergt, Franziska; Mortier, Femke; Werres, Carolin; Flatz, Katharina and Bomhard, Wolf von (2019): Renal Nephroblastoma in a 17-Month-Old Jack Russell Terrier. In: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, Vol. 55, No. 5, UNSP e555-03

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A 17 mo old female Jack Russell terrier was diagnosed with unilateral primary malignant nephroblastoma. The dog presented with polyuria and polydipsia. Laboratory tests revealed polycythemia and elevated serum erythropoietin levels. Diagnostic imaging (i.e., MRI) revealed a unilateral renal mass without spinal cord involvement. Nephrectomy was performed, and the histopathologic diagnosis was nephroblastoma. The dog did not receive any chemotherapy, and there was no evidence of recurrent disease or metastasis over 30 mo after nephrectomy. This is the first case report of a dog presenting with polyuria and polydipsia found to be a result of nephroblastoma. Furthermore, this is the longest survival reported for canine nephroblastoma treated with nephrectomy alone.

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