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Trein, Lorenz (2019): Feeling Religion (As a Matter of Method): Historical Meaning and Affective Engagement in the Study of Religion. In: Religion Compass, Vol. 13, No. 8, UNSP e12333
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Contemporary debates about the renewed significance of emotions and affects in the study of religion perpetuate the disciplinary work of analyzing religion vis-a-vis contested approaches to the history of religions. The article takes a comparative and historio-theoretical approach to the burgeoning field of religious emotions and affects in order to ask how specific arguments about methodology resonate with contested scholarly ideas and narratives of history. Furthermore, the article aims to bring different areas of contemporary scholarship on religious emotions and affects into conversation which have not been treated as interdependent. The materials under consideration are taken from sub-fields in the discipline such as history of religions, affect theory, and material religion, as well as from closely related debates about theory of practice, presence, and the impact of hermeneutics on the field of religion.