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Scheerlinck, Ryan (2019): Schelling und die Herausforderung einer 'durchaus praktischen Philosophie'. In: Zeitschrift für Philosophische Forschung, Vol. 73, No. 1: pp. 29-69
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So far Schelling's contributions to the Critical Journal of Philosophy, which he published in close collaboration with Hegel, have only rarely received closer attention. According to common opinion, Schelling fails to meet the criteria of philosophical criticism as set out in the programmatic Introduction to this Journal. This article is the first interpretation of a lengthy review of some works of the nearly forgotten philosophical writers Joseph Ruckert and Christian Wei beta. It not only argues that Schelling does in fact meet the criteria of philosophical criticism, but it tries at the same time to demonstrate how the confrontation of philosophy with 'un-philosophy', which constitutes the main aim of the Journal, can be conducted in a successful way. It thereby sheds a new light on some neglected aspects of Schelling's 'philosophy of identity,' in particular on the concept of 'construction.'