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Nielsen, Michael; Stewart, Rush T. (2019): OBLIGATION, PERMISSION, AND BAYESIAN ORGULITY. In: Ergo-An Open Access Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 6: pp. 58-70
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This essay has two aims. The first is to correct an increasingly popular way of misunderstanding Belot's (2013) Orgulity Argument. The Orgulity Argument charges Bayesianism with defect as a normative epistemology. For concreteness, our argument focuses on Cisewski et al.'s (2018) recent rejoinder to Belot. The conditions that underwrite their version of the argument are too strong and Belot does not endorse them on our reading. A more compelling version of the Orgulity Argument than Cisewski et al. present is available, however-a point that we make by drawing an analogy with de Finetti's (1974) argument against mandating countable additivity. Having presented the best version of the Orgulity Argument, our second aim is to develop a reply to it. We extend Elga's (2016) idea of appealing to finitely additive probability to show that the challenge posed by the Orgulity Argument can be met.