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Dore, Maximilian; Broda, Krysia (2019): Towards Intuitive Reasoning in Axiomatic Geometry. In: Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, No. 290: pp. 38-55
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Proving lemmas in synthetic geometry is often a time-consuming endeavour since many intermediate lemmas need to be proven before interesting results can be obtained. Improvements in automated theorem provers (ATP) in recent years now mean they can prove many of these intermediate lemmas. The interactive theorem prover ELFE accepts mathematical texts written in fair English and verifies them with the help of ATP. Geometrical texts can thereby easily be formalized in ELFE, leaving only the cornerstones of a proof to be derived by the user. This allows for teaching axiomatic geometry to students without prior experience in formalized mathematics.