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Joppich, Markus and Zimmer, Ralf (2019): From command-line bioinformatics to bioGUI. In: Peerj, Vol. 7, e8111

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Bioinformatics is a highly interdisciplinary field providing (bioinformatics) applications for scientists from many disciplines. Installing and starting applications on the command-line (CL) is inconvenient and/or inefficient for many scientists. Nonetheless, most methods are implemented with a command-line interface only. Providing a graphical user interface (GUI) for bioinformatics applications is one step toward routinely making CL-only applications available to more scientists and, thus, toward a more effective interdisciplinary work. With our bioGUI framework we address two main problems of using CL bioinformatics applications: First, many tools work on UNIX-systems only, while many scientists use Microsoft Windows. Second, scientists refrain from using CL tools which, however, could well support them in their research. With bioGUI install modules and templates, installing and using CL tools is made possible for most scientists-even on Windows, due to bioGUI's support for Windows Subsystem for Linux. In addition, bioGUI templates can easily be created, making the bioGUI framework highly rewarding for developers. From the bioGUI repository it is possible to download, install and use bioinformatics tools with just a few clicks.

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