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Hollaender, Kai (2019): A Pedestrian Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles. In: Proceedings of the 24Th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces: Companion (Iui 2019): pp. 149-150

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In the future we expect automated vehicles to become a major part of everyday traffic. Along with this groundbreaking change in mobility pedestrians are forced to interact with such technology. In mixed traffic situations (i.e., manual, semi-automated and autonomous vehicles share a road) it might be crucial for nonmotorized traffic participants to know which entity is in control. For example, when considering to cross a road, the degree of automation and the presence of human drivers could influence the decision. Moreover, it is not clear whether conventional communication channels such as turn signals and brake / reversing lights meet the challenges of autonomous traffic. I expect that interaction between automated vehicles and pedestrians includes safety critical challenges which are directly related to acceptance and success of the emerging technology. I want to contribute to the future of autonomous mobility by providing design guidelines on how to support pedestrians in their decision making process in mixed traffic. Furthermore, I want to explore new designs for human-vehicle communication.

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