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Beyer, Dirk and Lemberger, Thomas (2019): TESTCov: Robust Test-Suite Execution and Coverage Measurement. In: 34Th Ieee/Acm International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (Ase 2019): pp. 1074-1077

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We present TEsTCov, a tool for robust test-suite execution and test-coverage measurement on C programs. TEsTCov executes program tests in isolated containers to ensure system integrity and reliable resource control. The tool provides coverage statistics per test and for the whole test suite. TEsTCov uses the simple, xmL-based exchange format for test-suite specifications that was established as standard by Test-Comp. TESTCOV has been successfully used in Test-Comp '19 to execute almost 9 million tests on 1 720 different programs. The source code of TEsTCov is released under the open-source license Apache 2.0 and available at https://gitlab.conilsosy-lab/softvarehest-suite-validator. A full artifact, including a demonstration video, is available at https://doiorg/10.5281/zenodo-3418726.

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