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Mardanbegi, Diako; Pfeuffer, Ken; Perzl, Alexander; Mayer, Benedikt; Jalaliniya, Shahram and Gellersen, Hans (2019): EyeSeeThrough: Unifying Tool Selection and Application in Virtual Environments. In: 2019 26Th Ieee Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (Vr): pp. 474-483

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


In 2D interfaces, actions are often represented by fixed tools arranged in menus, palettes, or dedicated parts of a screen, whereas 3D interfaces afford their arrangement at different depths relative to the user and the user can move them relative to each other. In this paper, we introduce EyeSeeThrough as a novel interaction technique that utilizes eye-tracking in VR. The user can apply an action to an intended object by visually aligning the object with the tool at the line-of-sight, and then issue a confirmation command. The underlying idea is to merge the two-step process of 1) selection of a mode in a menu and 2) applying it to a target, into one unified interaction. We present a user study where we compare the method to the baseline two-step selection. The results of our user study showed that our technique outperforms the two step selection in terms of speed and comfort. We further developed a prototype of a virtual living room to demonstrate the practicality of the proposed technique.

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