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Thevin, Lauren; Jouffrais, Christophe; Rodier, Nicolas; Palard, Nicolas; Hachet, Martin and Brock, Anke M. (2019): Creating Accessible Interactive Audio-Tactile Drawings Using Spatial Augmented Reality. In: Proceedings of the 2019 Acm International Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (Iss '19): pp. 17-28

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Interactive tactile graphics have shown a true potential for people with visual impairments, for instance for acquiring spatial knowledge. Until today, however, they are not well adopted in real-life settings (e.g. special education schools). One obstacle consists in the creation of these media, which requires specific skills, such as the use of vector-graphic software for drawing and inserting interactive zones, which is challenging for stakeholders (social workers, teachers, families of people with visual impairments, etc.). We explored how a Spatial Augmented Reality approach can enhance the creation of interactive tactile graphics by sighted users. We developed the system using a participatory design method. A user study showed that the augmented reality device allowed stakeholders (N=28) to create interactive tactile graphics more efficiently than with a regular vector-drawing software (baseline), independently of their technical background.

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