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Zakreuskaya, Anastasiya and Hapfelmeier, Jana (2019): progViz: Visualizing Patient Journeys Based on Finite State Models. In: 2019 23Rd International Conference Information Visualisation (Iv): Biomedical Visualization and Geometric Modelling & Imaging: pp. 405-410

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Patient journeys are the key for treatment development, quality insurance and better understanding of disease progression. Therefore, many visualization toolkits exist to monitor individual patient lives. However, there is no visualization that relies on the overall patterns of patient journeys. We propose a new framework progViz that visualizes patterns of patient journeys, which rely on finite state models. These models are able to illustrate progression of diseases, treatment and outcomes of whole populations as well as very specific analyses. Finally, we propose a method to evaluate how treatment affects disease progression.

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