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Kiss, Francisco and Schmidt, Albrecht (2019): Stressed by Design? The Problems of Transferring Interaction Design from Workstations to Mobile Interfaces. In: Proceedings of the 13Th Eai International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (Pervasivehealth 2019): pp. 377-382

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Modern technology use has been linked to stress, with detrimental effects for users' health. Evidence indicates that stress is caused by the design of interaction between users and systems. Since the introduction of graphical user interfaces, designing the interaction between computing systems and the user has been largely incremental. Moving from the PC to mobile devices has added new interaction modalities and interaction metaphors, but the overall way we interact is still very similar. However, desktop computers were used in specific office situations, whereas mobile devices are in ubiquitous use. A lot of the experienced stress of users is linked to the interaction design that priorities computer initiated interactions over the real world and focuses on providing as much information as possible. Moving into the future and transferring the current interaction design to augmented reality systems is likely to worsen the problem by increasing causes of stress. In our research, we identified the problems for future interactions with augmented reality systems and propose principles that re-think interaction concepts to tackle the causes of stress. We propose a longer-term vision about how daily interactions might be designed to reduce the demand on the user. Based on this we suggest a research agenda to create the framework for stress-free interactions.

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