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Swikir, Abdalla and Zamani, Majid (2019): Compositional Abstractions of Interconnected Discrete-Time Switched Systems. In: 2019 18Th European Control Conference (Ecc): pp. 1251-1256

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


In this paper, we introduce a compositional method for the construction of finite abstractions of interconnected discrete-time switched systems. Particularly, we use a notion of so-called alternating simulation function as a relation between each switched subsystem and its finite abstraction. Based on some small-gain type conditions, we use those alternating simulation functions to construct compositionally an overall alternating simulation function as a relation between an interconnection of finite abstractions and that of switched subsystems. This overall alternating simulation function allows one to quantify the mismatch between the output behavior of the interconnection of switched subsystems and that of their finite abstractions. Additionally, we provide an approach to construct finite abstractions together with their corresponding alternating simulation functions for discrete-time switched subsystems under standard assumptions ensuring incremental input-to-state stability of a switched subsystem. Finally, we apply our results to a model of road traffic by constructing compositionally a finite abstraction of the network containing 50 cells of 1000 meters each. We use the constructed finite abstractions as substitutes to design controllers compositionally keeping the density of traffic lower than 30 vehicles per cell.

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