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Deckert, Dirk-Andre and Oelker, Martin (2019): Distinguished Self-Adjoint Extension of the Two-Body Dirac Operator with Coulomb Interaction. In: Annales Henri Poincare, Vol. 20, No. 7: pp. 2407-2445

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We study the two-body Dirac operator in a bounded external field and for a class of unbounded pair-interaction potentials, both repulsive and attractive, including the Coulomb type. Provided the coupling constant of the pair-interaction fulfills a certain bound, we prove existence of a self-adjoint extension of this operator which is uniquely distinguished by means of finite potential energy. In the case of Coulomb interaction, we require as a technical assumption the coupling constant to be bounded by 2/pi.

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