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Im, Sang Hui; Nilles, Hans Peter and Olechowski, Marek (2019): Heterotic M-theory from the clockwork perspective. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, No. 1, 151

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Compactifications of heterotic M-theory are shown to provide solutions to the weak- and axion-scale hierarchy problems as a consequence of warped large extra dimensions. They allow a description that is reminiscent of the so-called continuous clockwork mechanism. The models constructed here cover a new region of clockwork parameter space and exhibit unexplored spectra and couplings of Kaluza-Klein modes. Previously discussed models are outside this region of parameter space and do seem to require an ultraviolet completion other than that of perturbative higher dimensional D = 10, 11 string- or M-theory. A 5D-supergravity description can be given for all explicitly known continuous clockwork models. The various classes of models can be distinguished through the different roles played by vector multiplets and the universal hypermultiplet in 5D-supergravity.

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