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Althoff, Marc A.; Bertsch, Andreas; Martens, Jörn; Reichel, Marco; Metzulat, Manfred and Karaghiosoff, Konstantin L. (2019): Thiono-Thiolo rearrangement vs. in-situ decomposition reactions. In: Phosphorus Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements, Vol. 194, No. 4-6: pp. 307-308

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The thiono-thiolo rearrangement reaction is well known amongst organothiophosphates (OTP's) and often used in synthesis. We were able to trap one of the proposed side-products of this reaction as a single crystal and could determine its structure for the first time. Furthermore we were able to determine the kinetic parameters of the rearrangement reaction. [GRAPHICS] .

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