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Langhals, Heinz; Greiner, Robert; Schluecker, Thorben; Jakowetz, Andreas C. (2019): Light-Driven Molecular Dynamics in Perylenes with Medium-Controlled Emission. In: Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol. 84, No. 9: pp. 5425-5430
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Highly fluorescent light emitters with medium-tunable clear colors were obtained from the skeleton of perylenedicarboximide by the attachment of donor-substituted aryl groups at the peri-position. The 4-methoxynaphthyl derivative 3a is preferred because of its strong solvatochromism in fluorescence where a mechanism of incomplete PLICT is made responsible both for the large Stokes' shift and the strong medium influence on fluorescence, allowing the fine tuning of color.