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Koennel, Anne; Bugaeva, Wassilina; Guegel, Irene L. and Philippar, Katrin (2019): BANFF: bending of bilayer membranes by amphiphilic alpha-helices is necessary for form and function of organelles. In: Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Vol. 97, No. 3: pp. 243-256

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


By binding to and inserting into the lipid bilayer, amphiphilic alpha-helices of proteins are involved in the curvature of biological membranes in all organisms. In particular, they are involved in establishing the complex membrane architecture of intracellular organelles like the endoplasmatic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, mitochondria, and chloroplasts. Thus, amphiphilic alpha-helices are essential for maintenance of cellular metabolism and fitness of organisms. Here we focus on the structure and function of membrane-intrinsic proteins, which are involved in membrane curvature by amphiphilic alpha-helices, in mitochondria and chloroplasts of the eukaryotic model organisms yeast and Arabidopsis thaliana. Further, we propose a model for transport of fatty acids and lipid compounds across the envelope of chloroplasts in which amphiphilic alpha-helices might play a role.

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