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Chen, Si; Song, Wenjia; Zhou, Xin; Zhang, Hao; Zhou, Xiong; Tu, Yunwei; Yuan, Jieyan; Dong, Shujuan and Cao, Xueqiang (2019): Hot corrosion of Mg2SiO4 ceramics exposed to V2O5 at temperatures of 700-1050 degrees C in air. In: Corrosion Science, Vol. 159, UNSP 108114

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The hot corrosion behavior of Mg2SiO4 ceramic was investigated in molten V2O5 at 700-1050 degrees C. Mg2V2O7 and SiO2 were the main corrosion products which were almost temperature independent. The corrosion layer consisted of two zones. The planar reaction zone (PRZ) was very thin due to the chemical inertness of Mg2SiO4 with V2O5, while the infiltrated reaction zone (MIRZ) was thick due to the high porosity of the ceramic. The depth of MIRZ increased rapidly with the increase of temperature, indicating that thermo-mechanical damage caused by V2O5 infiltration might be the main degradation mechanism of the Mg(2)Sia(4) based thermal barrier coatings.

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