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Buchsbaum, Isabel Yasmin and Cappello, Silvia (2019): Neuronal migration in the CNS during development and disease: insights from in vivo and in vitro models. In: Development, Vol. 146, No. 1, UNSP dev163766

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Neuronal migration is a fundamental process that governs embryonic brain development. As such, mutations that affect essential neuronal migration processes lead to severe brain malformations, which can cause complex and heterogeneous developmental and neuronal migration disorders. Our fragmented knowledge about the aetiology of these disorders raises numerous issues. However, many of these can now be addressed through studies of in vivo and in vitro models that attempt to recapitulate human-specific mechanisms of cortical development. In this Review, we discuss the advantages and limitations of these model systems and suggest that a complementary approach, using combinations of in vivo and in vitro models, will broaden our knowledge of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie defective neuronal positioning in the human cerebral cortex.

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