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Hoermiller, Imke I.; Nägele, Thomas; Heyer, Arnd G. (2020): Subcellular Compartmentation of Metabolites Involved in Cold Acclimation. In: Hincha, Dirk K.; Zuther, Ellen (eds.) : Plant Cold Acclimation : Methods and Protocols. Methods in molecular biology, Vol. 2156. Cham: Springer. pp. 269-275
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Plant cells are heavily compartmentalized, and metabolite concentrations in the various compartments differ significantly. Thus, determination of metabolite abundance in whole-cell extracts may be misleading, when the role of a compound in plant freezing tolerance shall be evaluated. Here, we describe a method for the separation of the largest compartments of plant cells, the vacuole, plastid, and cytosol. With more elaborate analysis, this method can be expanded to also resolve mitochondria and other compartments.