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Ruter, A.; Aus, H. M.; Harms, H.; Haucke, M.; Meulen, V. ter; Maurer-Schultze, B.; Korr, H.; Kellerer, Albrecht M. (1979): Automated quantitative analysis of single and double label autoradiographs. In: The journal of histochemistry & cytochemistry, Vol. 27, No. 1: pp. 217-224


A method for the analysis of silver grain content in both single and double label autoradiographs is presented. The total grain area is calculated by counting the number of pixels at which the recorded light intensity in transmission dark field illumination exceeds a selected threshold. The calibration tests included autoradiographs with low (3H- thymidin) and high (3H-desoxyuridin) silver grain density. The results are proportional to the customary visual grain count. For the range of visibly countable grain densities in single labeled specimens, the correlation coefficient between the computed values and the visual grain counts is better than 0.96. In the first emulsion of the two emulsion layer autoradiographs of double labeled specimens (3H-14C- thymidin) the correlation coefficient is 0.919 and 0.906. The method provides a statistical correction for the background grains not due to the isotope. The possibility to record 14C tracks by shifting the focus through the second emulsion of the double labeled specimens is also demonstrated. The reported technique is essentially independent of size, shape and density of the grains.