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Baldus, S.; Bardeleben, R. S. V.; Eggebrecht, H.; Elsaesser, A.; Hausleiter, J.; Ince, H.; Kelm, M.; Kuck, K. H.; Lubos, E.; Nef, H.; Raake, P.; Rillig, A.; Rudolph, V.; Schulze, P. C.; Schlitt, A.; Stellbrink, C. and Moellmann, H. (2020): Interventionelle Therapie von AV-Klappenerkrankungen – Kriterien für die Zertifizierung von Mitralklappenzentren. Positionspapier der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie. In: Kardiologe, Vol. 14, No. 5: pp. 339-363

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Mitral and tricuspid regurgitation are highly prevalent types of valvular heart disease, important drivers of a poor prognosis and subject to catheter-based treatment. The transcatheter reconstruction of the valves has meanwhile evolved as an important alternative to pure medicinal treatment and surgical interventions. Whereas transcatheter treatment of tricuspid valve insufficiency has recently shown effectiveness and safety in the first registries, transcatheter treatment of mitral valve insufficiency has meanwhile been tested in several randomized trials. This paper comments on the results of these trials and presents recommendations regarding the indications for the interventional treatment modalities available for mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation. As part of this manuscript and in an effort to further improve the quality of care, the German Cardiac Society has updated the criteria for the certification of centers for transcatheter treatment of mitral valve insufficiency.

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